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Flavor of the Week

Flavor of the Week: Mexico’s hearty pozole

This iconic Mexican dish, sometimes spelled posole, is a hearty and heart-warming soup toeing the line of being a stew. While it is popular around the country at any time, pozole is a mainstay at large family gatherings and events.

Variations exist from region to region, but the base ingredients for pozole are pork, garlic and hominy. Regional adaptations include red ones with red chiles or salsas and green ones with tomatillos or green chiles or salsas.

As with many soups and stews, there is plenty of room for exploring toppings and inclusions for a customized experience.

Marketing research firm Datassential reports that pozole has grown by nearly 40% on menus at American restaurants. Nearly 30% of consumers in the United States have heard about pozole but less than 20% has tried it. Learn more about this Flavor of the Week by clicking through the slides here, and see a couple of the endless variations of pozole.

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