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Flavor of the Week

Flavor of the Week: Elderberry works in desserts, jams and wine

Elderberry doesn’t get its name because it is the wisest of all the berries; this fruit was considered an aid to longevity in the Middle Ages. It’s a dark purple berry that grows in clusters and has a slightly sweet, bright and tart flavor.

These days it’s mostly found as a holistic remedy, but it has been used in many culinary applications like desserts, liqueurs and jams, and has also been used to make wine.

The elderberry flavor is found on less than 1% of American menus, according to market research firm Dataessential, but its occurrence has risen by more than a third in the past four years. It can be found on mostly fine-dining menus and equally found at independents and chains.

Click through the slideshow to find out more about this Flavor of the Week.

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