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Why this type of chicken is trending at restaurants


Farmer Boys is a fast-casual chain from Southern California best known for its burgers. But these days its top sellers are made with boneless chicken. 

“Our best-selling product is the Cobb salad,” chief marketing officer Joe Adney said. 

That’s followed by its sourdough chicken avocado sandwich, made with grilled chicken, and next are the 102-unit chain’s new Kickin’ Chicken Strips, which are breast strips in a proprietary seasoning including garlic, onion, and paprika served with fries, Texas Toast and a drink starting at $5.99.

It’s true Farmer Boys operates in the comparatively health-conscious region of California, Arizona, and Nevada, but it’s not alone in seeing an uptick in boneless chicken sales. The country’s largest chicken wing chain, Wingstop, reported in its most recent earnings call that sales of boneless items, including boneless wings and sandwiches, are now 43% of total sales, the highest they have ever been.

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