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Why tech integration is crucial for restaurants' success


The restaurant technology industry has been expanding at a rapid pace over the past few years, with dozens of new tech solutions and vendors being added seemingly every month. These technology vendors range from one-off solutions (that are more likely to be purchased or merged with a larger company soon) to fully realized companies with a suite of tech features and options for customers. As operator needs for technology options grow, technology integration becomes even more crucial, and vendors that don’t play well with others will be left behind.

This month, multiple tech companies announced major integrations and mergers, including Soundhound partnering with Olo, PopMenu integrating with OpenTable, and Uber Direct partnering with Deliverect.  

In other news this month, Canadian all-in-one SaaS Snappy and Superorder (formerly known as forward Kitchens) both announced rounds of funding to spread to new markets and new capabilities, and more.

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