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Why Taco Bell is banking on breakfast


The latest sign that Taco Bell is prioritizing its breakfast business? It is testing breakfast tots.

The test is currently taking place in the Chicago market, where the tots are available during the morning daypart for $3.49 to $4.49, depending on choice of protein. According to the company, the item features potato tots seasoned with Mexican spices and topped with scrambled eggs, the choice of bacon or sausage, and a mix of mozzarella, pepper jack and cheddar cheeses.

Adding toppings to a potato product takes a page from Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries playbook, and for good reason. The Nacho Fries were originally introduced in 2018 and quickly became the chain’s most successful product launch ever. The company has since introduced various iterations of the product, from Loaded Truff Nacho Fries to Rattlesnake Fries and Reaper Ranch Fries. Earlier this week, Taco Bell launched a subscription program for its Nacho Fries.

The breakfast tots test also comes on the heels of Taco Bell’s toasted breakfast taco launch last month and illustrates the company’s efficient use of already existing SKUs to innovate the menu. The tacos include scrambled eggs, choice of sausage, bacon or breakfast potatoes, and a layer of shredded cheddar cheese.

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