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What's the future of ChatGPT and AI at restaurants?


While AI has been one of the biggest trends in the restaurant industry this year, NRN has mostly been tracking how operators put AI voice chat to work in the drive-thru lane and in call centers. But with the rise in prominence of generative AI technology like ChatGPT, there are several more areas of foodservice operations that could be aided – or taken over by – automation, from social media post creation to menu image generation and even menu development.

More and more tech vendors are introducing AI-driven features and capabilities to their turnkey operations. This month, Swipeby introduced Swipeby AI, which allows restaurant operators to automatically generate and respond to social media posts; RestoGPT is a new vendor with the capability of automatically generating an online ordering portal complete with AI-created menu images; and Velvet Taco became the latest restaurant to add a ChatGPT recipe to its menu.

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