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What is going on at Boston Market?


Before Boston Market was sold to Engage Brands under the Rohan Group of Companies in 2020, the American rotisserie chicken chain was undergoing a brand transformation that was supposed to breathe new life into the struggling Colorado-based restaurant company. But now, four years later, Boston Market’s Denver headquarters have been seized by local authorities and many of the company’s locations are closing, have been abandoned, or have been forced to stock their stores with supermarket food as vendor contracts run out.

As of August 2023, Boston Market is staring down a growing pile of lawsuits from unpaid vendors and former employees. According to comments from both current and former Boston Market executives, the new owner has “run the business into the ground,” and it’s only a matter of time before the chain dies out completely.    

How did Boston Market get to this point?

Senior editor Joanna Fantozzi digs in.

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