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What to expect this Thanksgiving season


‘Tis the season when restaurant brands aggressively position themselves to be top of mind for holiday revelers. Thanksgiving meals and deals have been pouring into our inboxes for the past several weeks, catering to those who perhaps like to host, but not so much cook.

There’s a good reason for such aggressive promotions; Technomic data finds that nearly one-fourth of consumers will likely purchase a full Thanksgiving meal for pickup from a restaurant, and 22% plan to use restaurant food for at least part of their Thanksgiving meal. A new HungerRush survey shows even more intent, with 64% of consumers saying they plan to order at least one food item from a restaurant to include in their holiday celebrations, while 37% said they’d order their entire holiday meal from a restaurant.

As such, SpotOn restaurant customers have added 226 “Thanksgiving” menu items in the past 90 days, with the first uptick coming the week of Sept. 24 and peaking the week of Oct. 23. Further, 7,417 turkey items have been added in the past 90 days.

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