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This is the newest trend on restaurant menus now


Pizza and beer are a classic pairing, of course, but restaurateurs are not just serving the beverage and the flatbread together. They’re also adding the drink to the pies themselves.

At Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, a 22-unit concept with locations in Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina, the chain’s own Vienna Red Lager goes into the barbecue sauce that’s used to finish its Voodoo Chicken Pizza.

Regional chef Brendan Mullan said the pizza was developed at its Newark, Del., location and has become a signature item.

Short’s Brewing Company in Bellaire, Mich., uses its beer in many of the menu items it serves in its adjacent pub, according to co-owner Leah Short. It’s an ingredient in sauces and dips, and some of the brewery’s spent grain goes into the pub’s pretzel.

Street-za, a food truck in Milwaukee, Wis., offers a Brewer’s Hill Slice, named for a neighborhood in the city and celebrating its beer-making tradition.

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