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MrBeast is shining a light on a troubled industry


The week after YouTuber MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, filed a lawsuit against MrBeast Burger parent company, Virtual Dining Concepts, for harm to his brand, Virtual Dining Concepts is now filing a countersuit. While the original lawsuit against VDC claims that the poor quality of MrBeast Burger has done “material, irreplaceable harm” to his brand, Virtual Dining Concepts’ countersuit claims that Donaldson has failed to honor his contractual obligations with the company and is interfering with the business dealings between VDC and MrBeast Burger.

While MrBeast Burger is one of the most recognizable and lucrative virtual restaurant brands currently on the market, the brand has received mixed reviews. According to Donaldson’s original lawsuit against Virtual Dining Concepts, the food is often delivered in unmarked and unbranded packaging and has been described by some reviewers as “disgusting,” “inedible,” and “the worst burger I ever had.”

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