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How nostalgia can help your brand

Burger King's latest ad campaign takes aim at nostalgia


Welcome to First Bite, a Nation’s Restaurant News podcast, your daily source of news from NRN hosted by Holly Petre.

Today, we’re talking about Burger King's newest campaign.

Burger King announced a new advertising campaign in partnership with creative agency, OKRP — “You Rule — that focuses on people and personalized experiences. The advertising campaign’s impact will be felt across multiple channels, from commercials to in-store experiences and is part of the “Reclaim the Flame” plan: a collaboration between Burger King and its franchisees to drive performance growth.

The “You Rule” campaign will be rolling out on Oct. 10, and the brand describes it as an “emotional articulation,” as well as an update on the iconic “Have It Your Way” jingle that was launched in the 1970s and has stayed a relevant pop culture moment today.

The commercials feature an original hip-hop-style jingle, classic Burger King color schemes and logos, and a lyric that is a nod to the “Have it Your Way” Burger King slogan. The overall vibe of the ads is nostalgic: a marketing direction that many foodservice brands have taken lately to pull in Millennial and Gen X customers who remember classic commercials from their childhoods.

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