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How Dutch Bros plans to quintuple in size


While Dutch Bros Coffee is in the midst of a leadership transition from current CEO Joth Ricci to incoming CEO Christine Barone — who is taking over as head of the company at the end of the year — the growing coffee chain is slowly and steadily working on brand recognition, as per the company’s Q3 earnings reported on Nov. 7. As the Oregon-based company opened its 800th store last month, Dutch Bros is well on its way to its long-term goal of quintupling its current store portfolio to reach 4,000 locations over the next 10-15 years.

The road to 4,000 stores begins with ramping up brand recognition, largely through investment in rewards, menu innovations, and deals that encourage Dutch Bros customers to share with friends, like the Fill a Tray promotion that has been a quarterly deal for three quarters, where customers can get four drinks for $15 — with the goal being to introduce new people to the brand.

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