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How Domino's is increasing its marketshare


For Domino’s Pizza, everything is on the table in 2024 and 2025: From relaunching loyalty programs to boost traffic, and trying out promotions that garner more buzz and traffic than sales, to fully embracing the new Uber partnership and looking to expand to more delivery platforms in the future. On Monday at the ICR conference in Orlando, Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner and CFO Sandeep Reddy broke down the company’s new “Hungry for More” strategy, which was just announced last month and included the launch of a proprietary operating system.

The appropriately named 2024 strategy has Domino’s saying “yes, more” to everything, including loyalty participation, pizza delivery options, tech innovation, and marketing innovations like the emergency pizza promotion, which is an upgraded “Buy one get one free promotion” that lets customers buy a pizza and get a promotion for another free pizza to use at a later date.

“You will see emergency pizza [customers] again, because it's a positive order count driver and people will add items when they when they come back for the free pizza, especially if they’re a delivery customer,” Weiner said. “It’s a good marketing innovation.”

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