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How Chipotle continually capitalizes on cultural movements


You have to be living under a rock to not know by now that music megastar Taylor Swift is dating NFL megastar Travis Kelce. The – ahem – swift relationship has created quite the buzz on social media and elsewhere and, in fact, a survey from Play Ohio finds that 20% of NFL fans say their loved ones are more interested in this football season versus previous seasons because of the megastars' romance. The survey also found that more than 50% of this added attention is “good” for the NFL. It’s certainly garnering more interest and eyeballs. While Kelce (and his two Super Bowl rings) has always been among the NFL’s most popular players, sales of his jersey have experienced a 400% increase since Swelce became public.

And consider some eyepopping metrics on social media. The NFL’s official Instagram account posted Swift’s reaction to a Kelce touchdown early in the romance, which has since generated thousands of comments, hundreds of thousands of likes, and over 10 million views. The league’s official X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok accounts have also jumped in, with bio changes that have included “Taylor was here” and “NFL (Taylor’s Version).”

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