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How this Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is using tech to create a new kind of drive-thru


Up until now, most of the conversation and innovation around drive-thru technology has been focused on AI voice assistants, which can help to take orders in the drive-thru lane and alleviate some labor pressures in the process. But geofencing and AI technology can also be used to speed up service by knowing when customers arrive. It can also be used to personalize guest experiences with a loyalty component in the drive-thru lane, like UKnoMi — an IoT-powered customer experience platform that can recognize people in the drive-thru lane that NRN spotted at the National Restaurant Association Show this year.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop hopes to use some of this newer AI technology to speed up and personalize service as the New York City-based brand launches its first drive-thru location in Texas in 2024. Founder Stratis Morfogen said that the company is partnering with BlueDot to open a drive-thru lane with smartphone-enabled geofencing technology and personalized loyalty messages powered by voice AI.

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