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How big restaurant chains are trying to get in on the growing coffee segment


Whataburger is upgrading its coffee offerings with new hot and iced coffee, a new sweet cream, and a limited-time shake to promote the change. They’re being rolled out on May 7.

The same blend of Arabica coffee beans from Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras are being used for both hot and iced coffees, but the roast is different.

The iced coffee will be available with caramel, vanilla, or chocolate syrup added, as well as unflavored. The syrups, along with the new vanilla flavored sweet cream, will be added to order, allowing guests to customize their drinks.

The LTO shake is a caramel latte flavor, made from the chain’s vanilla shake base with a caffeinated flavored syrup added.

Prices will vary by market, but in Whataburger's home market of San Antonio, Hot Coffee ranges from $1.69 to $2.59 and iced will be $3.69-$3.99 depending on size. 
Shakes start at around $3.

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