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Digging through restaurant earnings with executive editor Alicia Kelso


Earnings season is upon us, and the results are mostly mixed. There hasn’t been a consistent headline to come out of any earnings stories, it’s almost as though they’re talking about different industries. Traffic, as usual, is a major theme with some brands maintaining great traffic while others are suffering.

There’s a decent amount of trade-down happening from fast-casual to quick service but also from fine dining to casual dining and a focus on experience. We saw an early report from Texas Roadhouse showing the chain up in traffic while stalwart McDonald’s saw a decrease in traffic.

Some brands are eliminating virtual brands while others are adding them. Some brands are seeing average check count stay stable despite the pains of inflation. Others are creating their own technology platforms. There was no one story so far this earnings season, but Alicia Kelso is here to break down everything you’ve been seeing.

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