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Trending this week: Bankrupt Punch Bowl Social looks for buyers

This week on Nation’s Restaurant News, Punch Bowl Social, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December, named a chief restructuring officer, Ted Gavin, and received court approval to borrow money from CrowdOut Capital. Gavin also said that the company’s proposed investment banker, SSG Capital Advisors, is shopping the brand out for potential buyers.

Elsewhere, a judge ruled that a Boston location of Caffe Nero cannot be forced to backpay rent while they were closed during the pandemic. The Superior Court ruling could have positive implications for other struggling businesses.

Chipotle enhanced its remote-employee learning and personal development offerings this week to include Udemy for Business, an online, on-demand educational platform. The fast-casual brand said all full-time restaurant support center employees, executive team directors, team directors and field leaders have access to Udemy, which offers more than 5,500 courses on topics ranging from technology to wellness.

Click through our gallery to get these stories and more, including Red Lobster CEO Kim Lopdrup on removing the stigma of opioid addiction.

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