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Snooze-AM-Eatery- MySnooze-BennyFits-Loyalty-Program.png Snooze, an A.M. Eatery
Snooze has launched its first loyalty program, called MySnooze Bennyfits.

Snooze creates MySnooze Bennyfits loyalty program

New offering includes experiences such as special cocktail beverages, says CMO Andrew Jaffe

Snooze, an A.M. Eatery, is launching its first loyalty program, MySnooze Bennyfits, and offering participants not only free food items but also experiences, the company said Friday.

Denver-based Snooze, with 52 locations in nine states, created the program with Punchh and is offering it on its iOS and Android smartphone apps as well through the Snooze website.

Snooze-Andrew-Jaffe-CMO.jpg“We’re so excited to roll out the MySnooze Bennyfits Loyalty program to reward our guests, often referred to as our ‘ravers,’ for their brand loyalty with awesome perks,” said Andrew Jaffe, left, Snooze’s chief marketing officer, in a statement.

Jaffe added that the new three-tiered program offers benefits that extend beyond free menu items.

“Our loyalty program is so much more than just discounts and free pancakes, although it has those, too,” Jaffe said. “It offers guests the chance to enjoy exclusive, unique Snoozy experiences while seamlessly integrating with our Snooze app, digital wait list and pay-at-the-table technology.”

Loyalty members earn “jacks,” or the Bennyfits points, when they make qualified purchases in-restaurant or order delivery and takeout directly through the Snooze app or website.

Rewards include free food and drinks, including pancake flights and barista beverages, as well as priority wait-list seating on busy weekends and weekdays, special cocktail parties and Snooze swag, including T-shirts, hats, drinkware and coffee bags.

The cocktail party reward features beverages that can’t be enjoyed at regular visits, the company said. Other guest perks include a free birthday month pancake, a freebie on the one-year anniversary of signing up for benefits program and additional “surprise and delight” rewards.

To enroll in MySnooze Bennyfits, customers can sign up via the Snooze App or website.

Guests will also get personalized “refer-a-friend codes” worth 5,000 jacks for every friend who signs up, plus they will automatically get jacks after hitting certain wait-time thresholds when visiting Snooze.

From Monday through Thursday, every dollar earns loyalty customers 150 jacks. From Friday through Sunday, every dollar spent results in 100 jacks. As loyalty members earn jacks, they will move up from the bronze tier (0-7,999 jacks) to the silver (8,000-34,999 jacks) and gold (35,000-plus jacks) tiers, unlocking special rewards and benefits at each level.

The company said the new MySnooze Bennyfits program integrates with other parts of Snooze’s technology stack, including the Snooze app and the OneDine system, which gives guests the option to pay at the table via quick-response, or QR, code. When guests pay with the OneDine system, the jacks are added to their loyalty accounts automatically.

Snooze was founded in 2006.

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