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Chipotle Quesabrisket Chipotle Mexican Grill
This quesadilla is stuffed with the new smoked brisket. Guests are directed to make spicy queso and dip away.

Smoked brisket meets hacked spicy queso in Chipotle’s new Quesabrisket

A TikTok-promoted LTO is available for digital orders only through Oct. 31

Saying its new smoked brisket may be the “hottest drop of the year,” Chipotle Mexican Grill on Monday launched a “menu hack” promotion of a new menu item: Quesabrisket.

Like it sounds, the Quesabrisket features the new smoked brisket — which rolled out last week — in a quesadilla with queso blanco and both hot tomatillo-red chili salsa and the milder tomatillo-green chili salsa on the side. 

Chipotle turned to TikTok to recommend that guests mix some of the hotter salsa into the queso, then to dip the Quesabrisket first in spicy queso and then into the green salsa.

The Quesabrisket will be available exclusively on the Chipotle app or website through Oct. 31. The Newport Beach, Calif.-based chain is also offering free delivery on smoked brisket digital orders.

“We had a lot of fun at the test kitchen in the Chipotle Cultivate Center experimenting with the best dipping combinations for the Smoked Brisket Quesadilla,” said Nevielle Panthaky, Chipotle’s vice president, culinary and menu development, in a statement. “Quesabrisket dipped into our newest hack, Spicy Queso, is a full-flavored introduction to our delicious new protein.”

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