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Smashburger’s loyalty program as a sales-driving success story

How Smashburger’s revamped loyalty program launched at the end of 2019 helped to drive performance during the pandemic and beyond


In December 2019, Smashburger launched a revamp of their loyalty program — SmashClub Rewards — in partnership with Paytronix. In 2020, the growth of their point-based rewards platform helped drive sales 6.5% despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Like Starbucks’ original rewards program, the loyalty program at Smashburger is tiered based on average spend: silver, gold and platinum. Since launching the program, Smashburger’s loyalty program signups increased eightfold from 60,000 active members to just under 500,000.

Why? The data and AI-driven technology behind the loyalty program helped create personalized experiences, rewards, and recommendations for loyal customers, increasing spend and driving user returns. They also offer perks and incentives to loyal customers to try new products.

“Recently, we launched a new chicken LTO: Scorchin’ Hot Crispy Chicken and to create awareness of that, we targeted guests who were their fry fanatics in our database and offered them free fries if they tried the chicken,” Scott Johnson, vice president of marketing for Smashburger said. “We gave them ways to engage and review the product and we saw really great redemption on that […]They didn't necessarily buy chicken in the past, but it gave them a strong incentive to try it and talk about it.”

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