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The Power List Reader Picks

The restaurant industry’s most influential marketers, according to NRN readers

Meet the 2024 Reader Picks

Every year, Nation’s Restaurant News editors put together the Power List: the 50 most influential people in the industry.

This year, we went all in on the influential aspect of the Power List, selecting 25 innovative restaurant marketers putting influence to use for their brands, and 25 influencers in front of the camera who are motivating consumer behavior.

For 2024, we brought back our Reader Picks series, where we ask for reader nominations for the list.

Back in March, we asked our readers: Who do you think fits either of those above descriptions? We invited you to nominate a marketer or an influencer, and received over 100 submissions. Some of those landed on the Power List itself, and others you can meet here. Some are marketers in the traditional sense. Some are social-media influencers. Some are founders and executives influencing the industry through their businesses.

Meet 53 Reader Picks in this gallery.

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