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Podcast: Finding it hard to order on the keto diet? Noodles & Co. has the answer

The Colorado-based company adds dietary lifestyle calculator to digital menus

Consumers are playing around with different lifestyle diets such as keto or Whole30 which can make ordering at a restaurant difficult due to the ingredient restrictions.

Noodles & Co. recently introduced a dietary lifestyle calculator to help consumers deal with this conundrum.  The calculator, available on the brand’s digital ordering platforms, makes it easier for guests to create custom dishes that meet their desire to reduce everything from carbs to sodium intake.


Chas Hermann, chief brand officer at the Colorado-based company, is our guest on this week’s Extra Serving podcast. He gives an inside look at the digital calculator, which is part of a major overhaul of the fast-casual chain’s menu boards.

The easier to read menus, which rolled out to more than 450 restaurants nationwide in May, are now grouped by top sellers and pasta styles instead of regional flavors.  Menu pricing has also been streamlined, as dishes are arranged more intuitively — based on how customers order. 

“It made it a significantly better experience for the guest,” Hermann said.

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