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Menu Tracker: New items from Boston Market, Fazoli’s, Whataburger and Smoothie King

Plus offerings from Fat Straws , Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, Insomnia Cookies, Lion’s Choice, Modern Market Eatery, O’Charley’s Restaurant & Bar, Orange Leaf, Rascal House, Smokey Bones, Velvet Taco, Viva Chicken, The Whimsy Cookie Company, Whataburger and Your Pie

The headline is that Fazoli’s, which had been operating a chicken-wing virtual concept called Wingville, is now rolling out those wings at its brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Boston Market is introducing some seasonal chicken meals, Modern Market Eatery has a new protein option in blackened chicken thighs, and O’Charley’s Restaurant & Bar has some new family meals, all featuring chicken.

Meanwhile, fast-casual Peruvian concept Viva Chicken is highlighting Peru’s Chinese influence with a stir-fried dish with soy sauce, ginger and noodles.

Both Insomnia Cookies and The Whimsy Cookie Company now have gluten-free versions of their signature items, while boba tea concept Fat Straws is leaning into gluten with three doughnuts, offered for three days in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the moon festival.

Early fall is chile season, which Whataburger is celebrating with a spicy burger and a spicy chicken sandwich, Velvet Taco has sweet chile shrimp in its weekly feature and Your Pie has three spicy seasonal offerings, plus a seasonal vegan gelato made with oat milk.

Smoothie King also has a seasonal offering made with oat milk.

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill has a couple of weekly specials, Lion’s Choice has a new kids sandwich, Orange Leaf has two autumnal frozen treats, and Rascal House is topping a pizza with Fritos corn chips.

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