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Kelly Roddy, CEO of SaladWorks on the acquisition and future of Garbanzo Mediterannean Fresh and Frutta Bowls.

Kelly Roddy, CEO of SaladWorks on the acquisition and future of Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh and Frutta Bowls

SaladWorks — now under the umbrella of Woworks — is in expansion mode

Following the December announcement of SaladWorks’ acquisition of fast-casual brands Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh and Frutta Bowls, Nation’s Restaurant News sat down with Kelly Roddy, CEO of SaladWorks to discuss the acquisition of the smaller brands.

Roddy discussed how when they decided to acquire both brands — Frutta Bowls before the pandemic, and Garbanzo after it began — it was very important to them to stay within the “DNA” of their health and wellness-focused food brand:

“It's tempting to go after those segments that have been hot during the pandemic,” Roddy said, discussing how other companies have snapped up chicken and pizza brands. “But we believe customers are definitely going to be looking for products that are good for you and that food is fuel for your body. And if your brand isn't aligned with that, then that's not a brand that we were looking to bring into the portfolio.”

So what’s next for the newly formed restaurant company, Woworks if they’re not looking to acquire brands known for indulgent foods? Look for more expansion of Garbanzo and Frutta Bowls in new markets, as well as new SaladWorks locations too:

“We're definitely very focused on non-traditional locations [for Garbanzo and Frutta Bowls],” Roddy said. “We’re looking at digital-based units, so a lot of ghost kitchens, food halls, etc. There’s a huge opportunity to get the brand out much quicker through some of these more non-traditional venues.”


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