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Executives on the move: 16 people who took on new roles at Focus Brands, Panera Bread and more restaurant chains

September saw new C-suite appointments at some of the largest restaurant companies

Sixteen executives across 14 restaurant companies were named to new roles in September, more of them women and people of color than in previous months. There was also a single retirement amid the crowd.

A bigger portion of September’s appointments were women than usual. Focus Brands named a woman to be its new president of specialty brands, Panera Bread hired two women to take on the roles of chief operations officer, and chief of staff and customer officer (the former is also a woman of color), Bojangles’ new chief people officer is a woman, and both Zaxby’s and Domino’s named women to new roles.

In more diversity and inclusion news across the C-suite, Popeyes’ new president, Sami Siddiqui, is a person of color.

There was one retirement this month, the CEO of Culver’s, and a single CEO appointment, at SPB Holdings (formerly Craftworks Holdings), so it was quite the non-traditional month in the restaurant executive suite.

See who was named to which role in the month of September by clicking through the gallery.

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