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Chipotle Mexican Grill rolls out new line of branded loungewear for those staying home for the holidays

The ‘minimalist’ merchandise includes pajamas, a sweatsuit and beanies

Building on the success of its merchandise launch over the summer, with clothing made of upcycled avocado pits, Chipotle Mexican Grill has released a limited-edition holiday loungewear line of clothing meant for, quite literally, lounging.

This edition of Goods from Chipotle, different from the August Goods launch that included clothing to leave the house in such as a jean jacket, tote bags and sandals, is all about staying home and getting comfy.

“Given all we’ve been through in 2020, this new line of Goods is the perfect way to do more of what we did best this year – staying inside and getting comfortable,” said Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer, in a statement.

This is even more crucial since California – the state in which Chipotle is based – is under almost full lockdown by Gov. Gavin Newsom due to the COVID pandemic, and other states across the country are following. The Centers for Disease Control has advised against traveling to see family for the holidays and rather promotes staying in and doing a socially distanced holiday season virtually.

The Newport Beach, Calif.-based fast-casual brand also has inclusive sizing, with clothing available in sizes XXS to 3XL, and is priced between $22 and $45. It includes pajamas, beanies, joggers and a hoodie.

The brand also unveiled a wrapping-paper bundle for $45 that includes wrapping paper designed to look like tin foil, one covered in avocados and another in chilis, along with stickers.

Similar to the August Goods launch, all profits from the Holiday Goods line will go toward organizations that are focused on making fashion or farming more sustainable.

This isn’t the first initiative the brand has taken to reach new consumers who are becoming increasingly digital. Chipotle opened its first digital-only protype store this fall, added new features to its app and introduced new proteins based on customer demand like brisket and carne asada.

“We saw similar trends in our food as well, as digital orders have grown by more than 200% and our customers have eaten more ‘comfort’ foods with steak, burritos and Queso Blanco seeing major gains in 2020,” said Brandt.

See the new merchandise based on consumer (and CDC) trends.

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