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Amy’s, a pioneer in organic food, expands influence with drive-thru chain

Co-founders Andy and Rachel Berliner share their plan to expand four-unit Amy’s Drive Thru to 25-30 locations in the next five years, serving vegetarian and vegan versions of American classics.


Organic food and vegetarianism have become huge trends in the past decade and a half or so — and Andy and Rachel Berliner are partly to thank. The cofounders of Amy’s Kitchen, an organic prepared-meal company that launched in 1987, helped usher organic and vegetable-forward foods into the mainstream.

Now the Berliners are looking to bring that influence to the restaurant industry with Amy’s Drive Thru. The Northern California–based concept, which just opened its fourth location, offers an all-vegetarian menu of burgers, fries, shakes and other American classics. Its three standalone units (one is located at San Francisco International Airport) also feature sustainable touches like a living roof and rain-water-collecting tower.

In this interview from Take-Away with Sam Oches, the Berliners explain how they were able to turn their passion for organic foods into an iconic business, how vegetarian restaurants are key to sustainability and how they’ve strategically hired to help them scale. Plus, Sam shares his four take-aways that listeners should take with them from the interview.

Contact Sam Oches at [email protected].

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