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1000 Degrees Pizza acquires My Pie

Owner Amandeep Judge indicated this is the first in a series of acquisitions

1000 Degrees Pizza, a 25-unit chain based in Galloway, N.J., has announced its purchase of six-unit My Pie Pizza in the first of what the new owner of the larger chain said will be a series of acquisitions.

Amandeep Judge acquired 1,000 Degrees in October of last year. That chain focuses on traditional Neapolitan and Roman style pizzas, while My Pie offers New York Style pizza, calzone, chicken wings, and salads, but the acquiring company said the synergies between the companies would help enable both concepts to grow.

"This is another remarkable step in the evolution of the restaurant empire that we’re building,” Judge said in a release announcing the acquisition. “Beyond the business models and loyal fanbases, there are incredibly talented team members at both brands that will continue to foster our growth.”

My Pie operates in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Utah, and Nevada, and 1000 Degrees is in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Texas. Both are fast-casual, build-your-own-pizza concepts. All My Pie locations and all but one 1000 Degrees units are franchised.

Judge, a real estate broker, also said that similarities in design and operations would make for a smooth acquisition and would allow both brands to share marketing and supply resources, lowering costs for franchisees.

“My Pie Pizza fits seamlessly into the 1000 Degrees system, which was a key factor in choosing the first brand we acquired,” Judge said. “The harmony between the restaurants makes this an optimal partnership; one that allows the best aspects of the 1000 Degrees brand and its robust support systems to shine. We are looking forward to successfully uniting the brands and exploring more acquisition opportunities in the restaurant space in the future.” 

Matt Merrill, 1000 Degrees’ director of franchise operations, said current My Pie franchisees would benefit from the processes and systems currently being put into place.

“Our goal is to streamline our operations as a unified brand, and help the franchisees achieve a higher earning potential,” he said in the release, which also said that 1000 Degrees was in the process of opening new locations in Florida, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

The company did not indicate what other fast-casual pizza concepts might be acquisition targets.

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Correction: March 20, 2023
This story has been updated with information on how many My Pie and 1000 Degrees Pizza restaurants are franchised.
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