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Anthony's Restaurants appoints Amy Burns to co-president

Budd Gould, founder of Anthony's Restaurants, a 49-year corporation of 23 restaurants in the Pacific Northwest, announces new shared leadership.  Budd named Amy Burns as Co-President with Herb Gould, who has been a key leader in the company for several decades, creating a brother/sister team leading Anthony's in to the next generation. Amy joined Anthony's full-time in 2016 after a 25-year career in Human Relations at Microsoft.

"I'm confident Amy's and Herb's shared skills will grow the business intelligently, seeking the right opportunities," said Budd. He first opened a steak and lobster house in Crossroads 1969, next an Early American theme restaurant (Mad Anthony's) in Bellevue, and then began adding dinner houses on waterfront settings. 

Amy_Burns_headshot.jpgThe company has grown to 23 locations in Washington, Idaho and Oregon, each as unique as the community it serves. To ensure their promise for quality fresh seafood, local produce, Northwest wines and microbrews, Anthony's has owned a wholesale operation since 1984 on Pier 91 in Seattle.

Burns began her immersion in the family business at Anthony's HomePort in Kirkland and became a key member of the Board of Directors in 2001. After earning her MBA from Seattle University, she was eager to apply her skills and learning into her family business.  She will lead the company's human resources, marketing and operations. She was instrumental in launching the food truck FINN, and opening the company's latest restaurant in Boise, ID.

"I am looking forward to teaming with Amy as together we will continue the company's drive to provide growth, opportunity, and quality," says Herb. "We are lucky to have her." The pair agree "teaming" is their strength and key in the company's culture.  

About Anthony's Restaurants: 
Anthony's Restaurants is a family-owned group of restaurants throughout the Pacific Northwest. From classic 'to-go' eateries to casual dining and relaxed dinner houses, Anthony's core commitment to fresh Northwest seafood, complemented by local produce, Northwest wines and microbrews, is the foundation for each restaurant. To ensure Anthony's commitment to purchasing only the highest quality fresh seafood, Anthony's opened its own seafood company in 1984, located at Pier 91 in Seattle. Anthony's is proud of its ongoing commitment to quality, which has made it the place for fresh Northwest seafood throughout the Pacific Northwest. Learn more at or follow their social media channels @anthonysrestsnw.

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