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NRN editors discuss the midterm election and the urbanization of restaurants

Plus hear an episode of DrinkedIn Live


This week on the Extra Serving podcast, an award-winning production of Nation’s Restaurant News, NRN editors Holly Petre, Sam Oches and Leigh Anne Zinsmeister spoke about the recent midterm elections.

During the midterm elections, there were several restaurant-related initiatives on the ballot including eliminating the tip credit in two cities, raising the minimum wage to $15 in a few states, and some worker protections while other states decided to strike worker protections down. The three discussed what these could all mean for the industry.

Next, the team discussed the recent trend of companies focusing on their urban units or moving new units to urban centers once again. Earlier in the pandemic, restaurant companies focused all their energy on the suburbs while the cities were empty but with a return to the office, restaurants are seeing the urban crowd come back and a return to their business. The team discussed what this means and some new prototypes that are in the works surrounding this theory put out by executive editor Alicia Kelso.

Finally, this week’s interview is an episode of DrinkedIn Live, our monthly LinkedIn Live series featuring senior editor Ron Ruggless and a guest to discuss restaurant business over cocktails. This month’s guests were Snow Vo and Austin Hoaege of Snowbird in Frisco, Texas.


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