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NRN editors discuss menu innovation, Texas Roadhouse’s brand value, and ghost kitchens

Plus hear from Jim Holthouser, CEO of Focus Brands


This week on the Extra Serving podcast, an award-winning product of Nation’s Restaurant News, NRN editors Holly Peter, Sam Oches and Leigh Anne Zinsmeister spoke about menu innovation.

From chicken nuggets to breakfast tacos, chains across the country are rolling out new menu items at rapid speed. Which will be here to stay, and which will be short-lived?

What’s up with Texas Roadhouse? The brand, which saw record traffic earlier this year, has seen its brand value increase by 56% and is now one of the fastest-growing chains. What does this mean for the industry and Texas Roadhouse?

Finally, the NRN editors talked about ghost kitchens. They were all the rage for a few years, but the dust has settled and they’re proving to be more difficult to get right than any brands were hoping for. Big brands like Wendy’s have pulled back their investment from ghost kitchens. So, what’s the future of ghost kitchens?

This week’s guest is Jim Holthouser, CEO of Focus Brands.


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