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NRN editors discuss the major themes from the Q3 restaurant earnings season

Plus, hear a recent episode of DrinkedIn Live


On this week’s episode of Extra Serving, a Nation’s Restaurant News podcast, NRN editors Holly Petre, Sam Oches and Leigh Anne Zinsmeister spoke about themes in this month’s earnings.

One of the major themes was a desire to grow traffic. While that may seem obvious, this quarter overlapped a quarter last year that was semi-normal, so the year-over-year traffic numbers are relatively evened out. How are brands pursuing traffic increases?

Also, the NRN editors noticed that everyone is trying to grow — exponentially. Last quarter, Chipotle announced it was trying to double its store count to 7,000. That came before a quarter where Burger King announced it was also going after more store openings, and the king of them all, McDonald’s, is trying to grow in the U.S.

This week’s interview is from our LinkedIn Live series DrinkedIn Live. This show is hosted by senior editor Ron Ruggless once a month. The episode you’re about to hear features Jeff Carcara, CEO of the casual-dining chain Sixty Vines, and John Olney, head winemaker and chief operating officer at Ridge Vineyards.


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