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NRN editors discuss how the labor crisis became the Great Resignation and what restaurant operators can do about it

Plus, an interview with Kristen Barnett of Hungry House


This week on the Extra Serving podcast, a production of Nation’s Restaurant News’ Last Bite Network, NRN editors Sam Oches and Holly Petre discuss new year’s resolutions and hopes for the restaurant industry.

Mostly, the two discuss the biggest phrase in the world right now: the Great Resignation. The restaurant industry has been hit the hardest by what was once dubbed the labor crisis but morphed into the Great Resignation as the new year dawned. Oches and Petre cover why the restaurant industry is being hit particularly hard and what operators can do to combat some of the issues the crisis has brought up including pay, worker treatment and career advancement.

Finally, the episode wraps up with an interview with Kristen Barnett, the CEO and founder of Hungry House, a Brooklyn-based anti-ghost kitchen company focused on chefs. Barnett and editor Lisa Jennings discuss the business and what it means to be an anti-ghost kitchen.

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