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Watch the video below to learn more about this emerging breakfast brand.

VIDEO: How Atlanta-based Flying Biscuit Café learned menu and digital lessons during the pandemic

Daryl Dollinger, president of Flying Biscuit Café parent company Big Game Brands, talks about their new chicken and waffles offering and pivot to delivery during COVID-19

The Flying Biscuit Café — a 20-unit, Atlanta-based Southern breakfast and brunch franchised concept — did not have an app before the pandemic began. But since then, they have turned the dial up on their digital presence and menu offerings: introducing an app, analyzing consumer data, and adding new menu items like chicken and waffles throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this video, Daryl Dollinger, the president of Flying Biscuit Café’s parent company, Big Game Brands, discusses the company’s pivot to takeout and delivery during the pandemic, growth plan, and how they’ve stayed one step ahead in the growing breakfast concept market:

“We were once a business where 70% of our revenue came from dine-in and now that number is cut in half,” Dollinger said in the video interview with Restaurant Hospitality. “[…] We were looking at different customer behaviors, because they were stuck at home and feeding a family of five now. […] We found that people are comfortable with ordering on their phones and don’t need to be upsold online.”

Although the company right now is still primarily in the “biscuit belt” of the Southeast with locations mainly in Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh, they recently opened a store in Colorado and would love to one day expand to larger metropolitan areas in the Northeast like New York City.

“We’ve always been in growth mode we’ve just had to pause for a few months,” Dollinger said. “We’ve had to figure out ways to make our business more accessible, whether it be online, third-party, outdoor dining and curbside, we’ve had to adjust to all of that.”

Watch the video below to learn more about this emerging breakfast brand.

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