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Breakout Brands

Meet the 2019 Breakout Brands

The six emerging chains in the 2019 class of Breakout Brands tap into prevailing industry trends and reflect what consumers want from a restaurant today.

Camera-ready food that’s made for Instagram? Check. Restaurant-retail mashups? Yep. Mission-driven purpose? Of course. They’ve got plant-based meals, authenticity-obsessed brands and bold global comfort foods, too.

But these concepts aren’t just following the trends. They’re making them their own.

In this report, you'll meet Cauldron, a stylish ice cream shop; Choice Market, a next-level convenience store; Clover Food Lab, a farm-to-table concept with a tech-savvy spin; HomeState, a Texas-style taco joint; Hot Chicken Takeover, a Nashville hot chicken chain with a people-first philosophy; and Ippudo, a Japan-based ramen brand that’s making waves in the U.S.

They range in size in the U.S. from one location to a baker’s dozen. Some are scrappy startups and others have the backing of established companies and high-profile investors. But they’ve all got big plans and are ready to grow.

Meet this year’s Breakout Brands.

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