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5 emerging brands you need to know in Austin

Meet these up-and-coming brands based in Texas’s capital city


Recently, the Nation’s Restaurant News team took a trip to Austin, Texas, and while in the city, editors Sam Oches and Holly Petre visited five emerging regional concepts that are making a mark on the food scene.

Austin may be the capital of Texas but in many ways, it’s becoming the capital of the restaurant industry with many emerging chains springing up and expanding all over the country.

Austin is a popular city in which to incubate exciting emerging concepts. From its bustling music scene to its new and vibrant downtown, the city has been welcoming a whole new group of people since the pandemic began and even years before that. Austin is making its mark on the food scene with its unique and delicious emerging chains.

Our editors will take you on a tour of some of those concepts and show you some of the most exciting restaurants that are getting their start in Austin.

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