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How Mighty Quinn’s BBQ is planning to expand nationwide

The NYC-based brand is branching out with its distinctive barbecue food


Mighty Quinn’s BBQ is a small NYC-based brand, but it’s working on an expansion strategy. Hear from co-CEOs Micha Magid and Christos Gourmos on their franchising initiatives and how they are planning to spread Mighty Quinn’s BBQ across the country.

Also hear Nation’s Restaurant News editors Joanna Fantozzi, Sam Oches and Holly Petre discuss the recent revelations of brands like McDonald’s and Chipotle regarding vaccines for employees. Both top brands have spoken publicly about possible vaccinations for workers, while smaller, chef-led concepts like Union Square Hospitality Group and Cook N’ Solo have announced vaccination requirements for staff and customers already.

The NRN staff also discuss diversity in the industry and what it means to truly participate in diversity versus making diversity moves for show. For more on this analysis, check out the recent feature on NRN.

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