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waffle Del Frisco's
The Red Velvet Belgian Waffle at Del Frisco's

Del Frisco’s Grille plans to expand brunch menu

Leaner options expected for 2018

Southlake, Texas-based Del Frisco’s Grille plans to add some lighter options to its brunch menu next year.

“Brunch is usually the start of Sunday Funday for a lot of people,” Shawn Quinn, concept chef for Del Frisco’s Grille told Nation’s Restaurant News.

He said that some patrons may prefer to enjoy lighter fare and avoid feeling sluggish before a embarking on a day-long social outing.

“People are eating a little healthier, cleaner,” he added.

For that reason, he and his team are planning to roll out an assortment of health-conscious options in or around September of 2018.

“Whether it’s super grains or acai, [we’re] looking at anything we can as far as yogurts or getting everything mixed together,” Quinn said.

He mentioned that the research and development team is currently considering new types of salad as well.

This isn’t to say that the Del Frisco’s plans to abandon the comfort food staples that have helped it build a brunch foundation. 

“Brunch is a great place to showcase some different things, maybe show less restraint and have some fun with it,” Quinn said.   

He credited the addition of brunch with helping to expand the brand since its entry into the menu rotation about six years ago.

“As a meal period, it’s something that’s great for us,” Quinn said.

“We wanted to take elevated fare and make it fun and enjoyable at brunch time.” 

Del Frisco’s offers up variations of classics like breakfast tacos but also prides itself on its Red Velvet Belgian Waffle.

The sweet-tooth take on this breakfast stalwart features whipped vanilla bean spiked cream cheese and thick cut butcher bacon. The item fits in with the restaurant’s aim to intertwine dessert with breakfast selections, and it’s right at home next to options such as Chicken-Fried Steak & Eggs and the Fried Egg Sammie. 

The current menu and Quinn’s strategy of “letting the ingredients speak for themselves” has helped the eatery reel in a diverse crowd.

“You’re even seeing Baby Boomers coming back out and using it as a meal period,” he said. “It’s social and they can share and have a few different things.”

Del Frisco’s Grille currently consists of 24 locations, with the latest restaurant opening in June in lower Manhattan. 

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