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Delivery will become more popular than ever

Delivery represents your best opportunity to reach new customers and generate more business.

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For independent restaurants, the math around delivery is straightforward: In a brick-and-mortar restaurant, your revenues are capped by front-of-house capacity and staffing. When you deliver, the only limit is how quickly your kitchen can fill orders.

In the next decade, expect delivery to become even more popular than it is today, and more critical to most restaurants’ bottom line. The opportunity—more restaurants, more customers, more drivers—will continue to grow. Bottom line, carryout is no longer just for pizza and fast food. Customers want a full menu of dining options available on their terms, wherever they choose. And restaurants of all types and cuisines are lining up to give it to them.

How Grubhub can help

Online ordering has become one of the most popular—and profitable—ways for restaurants to reach more customers and generate incremental revenues. Nearly half of all consumers ordered takeout or delivery online or via an app in the past year.3 And, 38% of customers who order online used third-party delivery services like Grubhub within the last month.1

Grubhub has been working with independent restaurants to capitalize on these trends longer than anyone else. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of restaurants quickly adopt online ordering and delivery, and grow their orders and revenues. Independent research from Technomic shows that, among independent restaurants using Grubhub:

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