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From space food to garlic from Gilroy, a pizza pioneer discusses his career thus far

Blaze Pizza’s co-founder Brad Kent joins this week’s episode of Extra Serving to discuss the chain’s LTOs and his own history


Have you ever wondered how space food is made? This week Blaze Pizza’s co-founder Brad Kent explained to senior food and beverage editor Bret Thorn how food in space is made, right down to gamma radiation.

Kent also discussed the fast-casual pizza chain with Thorn, including its one-day-only LTO that used the hard seltzer White Claw. Kent uncovered the science behind why replacing water in pizza dough with the hard seltzer worked and made the dough flakier – and shared why it won’t be a permanent menu addition.

Before the interview, digital editor Holly Petre, editor-in-chief Sam Oches and Thorn discussed some restaurant news from the past week, including Wendy’s and Inspire Brands’ latest forays into non-traditional spaces and what that means for the future of the ghost-kitchen space. Will the bubble pop? Find out what the experts think.

Be sure to also check out Oches’ new podcast from the Last Bite Network, Take-Away with Sam Oches. On this podcast, which launched Wednesday, Oches interviews chain CEOs and founders, sharing their stories and ideas for the future along with real, tangible insights for how to innovate in our foodservice future. Subscribe here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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