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NRN editors discuss McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme, the state of menu customization, and Starbucks’ latest union woes

Plus, hear from Adam Baird of The Habit Burger Grill


This week on the Extra Serving podcast, a product of Nation’s Restaurant News, NRN editors Holly Petre, Sam Oches, and Joanna Fantozzi spoke about the rise in menu customization.

On, we published an article about the recent rise in menu customization at chains like Panera and IHOP, where customization hadn’t been on the menu before. The team discussed why some brands are embracing the trend today, while other chains like Subway are moving away from customization.

The three editors also discussed the latest in the Starbucks union saga, notably the fact that employees at the quick-service chain are suing it over false police claims. The three discussed what this latest tiff means for Starbucks and how this battle will impact the future of unions in the restaurant industry.

Finally, the editors discussed McDonald’s introduction of Krispy Kreme donuts at select locations across Louisville, Ky. They discussed the idea of McDonald’s cobranding with other JAB concepts, as well as what it could mean for McDonald’s breakfast business moving forward.

This week’s interview is Adam Baird, Executive Corporate Chef of The Habit Burger Grill.

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