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TRA gives support to Texas smoking ban

AUSTIN Texas The board of the Texas Restaurant Association on Monday voted to back a statewide smoking ban.

The board, made up of more than 100 restaurateurs from across the state, said “a statewide smoking ban that would level the playing field and reduce the confusion arising from the variety of bans currently enacted at the local level.”

The Texas Legislature is considering both a smoking ban bill sponsored by Sen. Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) and a House version sponsored by Rep. Myra Crownover (R-Lake Dallas).

The TRA said in a statement: “While this issue has long been a contentious one, TRA believes that applying a smoking ban across all workplaces and all jurisdictions is the only equitable solution to a growing social concern.”

Richie Jackson, TRA executive vice president and chief executive, added: “TRA members recognize that the current disparities that exist in smoking bans enacted at the local level have had a detrimental impact on the restaurant industry in Texas. By applying an equitable ban that is enforced in all workplaces, we will ensure a level playing field and the $35 billion Texas restaurant industry will continue its vital role in our state’s economy.”

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