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Technology would link loyalty programs to credit cards

PORTLAND Ore. New technology was unveiled Monday that allows restaurant chains and other retailers to tie their customer-loyalty programs to a customer’s credit or debit card, eliminating the need for a separate loyalty card.

Chockstone Inc., a Portland-based loyalty-marketing and technology provider, introduced SingleSwipe, an identification program that allows companies to build loyalty programs around credit and debit cards, track customer preferences and purchase history, and provide targeted savings and promotional offers.

SingleSwipe will be available to all of Chockstone’s clients, including Subway, Chili’s, Tully’s Coffee Corp. and Boston Market. The system is not yet in use, a Chockstone spokeswoman said.

SingleSwipe speeds the payment process and eliminates the “hassle factor” that prevents consumers from signing up for loyalty programs, said Jeff Lipp, Chockstone's chief executive. Consumers register their credit or debit cards online and are able to use them for both payment and loyalty programs.

Martin Walker, vice president of marketing and merchandising for the 146-unit Tully’s, said SingleSwipe has the potential to simplify the operational aspect of the chain’s loyalty program and “easily encourage” customers to try new products and reward them for their repeat purchases.

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