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Tech suppliers Posera, Squirrel talk merger


VANCOUVER Canadian technology suppliers Posera Software Inc. and Squirrel Systems, both of which serve U.S. foodservice operators primarily in the full-service sector, said they are discussing a merger. The companies offered no timeline for a merger should the negotiations move forward.

Officials of the privately held companies said a combined organization would support a broader and improved range of specialized products and services for the North American and international markets.

They said other potential benefits include around-the-clock customer support, access to a larger pool of research and development resources, an enhanced distribution channel that combines Posera's strength in the international market with Squirrel's strength in North America, and solid financial backing to support growth.

Montreal-based Posera said it has over 20,000 customers in 15 countries, operates three corporate offices and manages a worldwide distribution network. According to Squirrel, based here, the company has more than 10,000 customers with 50,000 installed workstations.

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