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The Loop Pizza Grill operator picks POS package


KERNERSVILLE N.C. A new franchised location of The Loop Pizza Grill chain here is using for point-of-sale functions NCR Corp. RealPOS 21 touchscreen terminals running Digital Dining software from MenuSoft.

"We love the new NCR RealPOS 21 terminal for its bright screen, speed and reliability," said Chris Cox, owner of the Kernersville The Loop Pizza Grill unit, one of 30 now fielded by the Jacksonville, Fla.-based chain. "Paired with customizable Digital Dining software, this solution allows our servers to move even more customers through the line with quick and accurate transactions."

Raleigh, N.C., reseller and integrator Atlantic Restaurant Systems worked with Cox on the deployment of the Intel processor-powered terminals by Dayton, Ohio-based NCR, and the software from MenuSoft of Springfield, Va. MenuSoft said Digital Dining, with an all-in-one database, supports, among other things, customizable checks and POS printing, pre-authorization of credit cards for bar tabs, customizable reports and menu modification for time of day and promotions.

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