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Chicken chain Chick-fil-A tests 'smart' safe, services


ATLANTA Chick-fil-A Inc., based here, is pilot testing at several unspecified locations a "smart" safe that not only manages cash but also automatically tabulates the cash in those restaurants and credits the amounts to the chain's bank account.

"Receiving credit for funds that are physically in the store gives us better visibility into our cash position enterprise-wide and quicker access to capital," said Phillip Barrett, vice president and controller for the 1,300-unit chicken chain. He also noted the system's "potential to improve our cash management."

Bank of America, or BofA, of Charlotte, N.C, provides the device and service in test by Chick-fil-A. As does some other devices on the market, the unit being examined by the chicken chain accepts and counts cash from cashiers and secures it, pending transportation.

Chick-fil-A store operator Terry Shelton said the system has the added advantages of boosting employee safety, since the workers would spend less time handling cash or making runs to the bank, and improve service by freeing up staff to spend more time with guests.

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