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Surf & Turf Tuna

Surf & Turf Tuna

Pounds & Ounces, New York City

Tuna and duck are the fish and fowl of this Asian-inspired dish.

Executive chef Jeff Kreisel rubs a seven-ounce portion of sushi-grade tuna loin with a mix of Szechuan peppercorns, sugar, salt and ground ancho chile. He sears the tuna on all sides to toast the spices, serving it rare over duck fried rice.

For the rice, he uses the pulled meat of confit duck legs and steamed sushi rice, which he fries in duck fat with red onions, julienne ginger and garlic. He finishes the rice with a mixture of soy sauce, sake, mirin and sesame oil.

Kreisel garnishes the dish with baby bok choy that he sautés quickly with garlic, ginger and a little sake.

The sauce on the duck is a mandarin and star anise glaze. He makes it by adding mandarin orange purée to a gastrique of Champagne vinegar, sugar, star anise and a little coriander and Thai chile that is reduced to a glaze.

The dish is finished with micro shiso and priced at $29.

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