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Shrimp salad with onion gelato

Shrimp salad with onion gelato

Il Punto, New York City

Chef Antonio Mermolia came up with his shrimp salad with onion gelato on a hot day in July when he was trying to create a refreshing yet out-of-the-ordinary dish.

Spotting a red onion, he began to experiment, ultimately creating onion gelato.

To make the gelato Mermolia simmers red onions in water and sugar. Once the water has evaporated, he stirs in some cream and milk. Once that mixture cools he adds some egg yolk and spins it all together into gelato.

He scoops the gelato onto a salad of mesclun greens, slowly poached shrimp, shaved fennel, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and blackberries, then garnishes the gelato with a sliver of caramelized onion.

To finish the dish, Mermolia drizzles it with lemon-scented olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

The dish sells for $14.

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