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Pumpkin cupcake with housemade sprinkles

Pumpkin cupcake with housemade sprinkles

Crave Fish Bar, New York City

To make the cupcakes, chef-owner Todd Mitgang adds pumpkin purée to a standard cupcake batter, bakes them in a giant muffin pan, and frosts them with cream cheese frosting — all pretty standard practices.

What’s unique are the sprinkles, which are made with a standard royal frosting of egg whites, powdered sugar and food coloring. Mitgang adds a different spice that complements pumpkin — clove, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla and cinnamon — to each of the colors. Then he pipes them out very thinly, lets them dry, breaks them into sprinkles, and uses them to garnish the cupcake and the plate. He brushes the plate is brushed with a ginger syrup so the sprinkles stick to it.

Mitgang charges $7 for the dessert.

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